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Ballast Point Pumpkin Down (scot Ale W Pumpkin) Ca 5.8%
Saison Dupont Cuvee Dry Hopping Bl 6.5%
*#vault Bavarian Hefeweizen Pa 5.9%
*#half Acre Daisy Cutter Chicago, Il 5.20%
Avery Maharaja (imperial Ipa) Co 10.2%
#stickman Babas Got A…. (kombucha Wild Ale) Pa 3.7%
*#stone Enjoy By 10/31 Escondido, Ca 9.40%
#against The Grain 70k (bba Imp Milk Stout) Ky 13.0%
#bell’s The Wild One (wba Wild Ale) Mi 6.50%
#weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Pa 8.0%
*#bell’s Two Hearted Ale Kalamazoo, Mi 7.00%
#fegley’s Brew Works Sour Cherry Triple Pa 10.2
#fegley’s Brew Works Brett Hopsolutely (trip Ipa) Pa 11.5%
#fegley’s Brew Works Gueuze Pa 6.0%
#fegley’s Brew Works Hop Regime (ipa) Pa 8.0%
#fegley’s Brew Works Brbn Imp Coffee (stout) Pa 13.0%

* Available in growler
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