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#2sp Antonym (grisette) Pa 4.6%
#great Lakes Nosferatu (strong Ale) Oh 8.0%
#rotunda Straight From The Tipl (imperial Ipl) Pa 10.3%
#pizza Boy Legendairy Pumpkin (milk Sugar Ipa) Pa 7.0%
#fegley’s Brew Works Gueuze Pa 6.0%
#2sp Solar Baby (honey Apa) Pa 4.5%
#alesmith Speedway Stout (imperial Stout) Ca 12.0%
#two Roads Conntucky Lightnin (bba Strong Ale) Ct 8.5%
#austin East Spiced Cider Tx 5.2%
#epic Brewing Imperial Pumpkin Porter Ut 8.0%
#two Roads Bloomerang (hibiscus Ne Ipa) Ct 6.4%
#singlecut Ddh Is This Real Life (ddh Ipa) Ny 7.2%
Fair State Keller Kazbek (landbier) Mn 4.9%
#fair State Dorado Gold (ipa W Brett) Mn 6.3%
#fair State Feeling Good Louis (brut Ipa W Kiwi) Mn 6.0%
#fair State The Brut Squad (brut Ipa) Mn 6.1%

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