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Perennial Woodside


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Perennial’s Brewer, Phil Wymore, has an interest in “different” beers. Brewing popular strong American hopped ales don’t interest him, at least as far as his own creations are concerned.  And while many of his beers have old world (Bel./Germ./ U.K.) inspiration as their foundation, the subtle accents are what set his beers apart. 



Woodside is a honey tripel, as advertised, clocking in at 9% Abv.   It’s sweet, with strong Belgian Yeast Aromas, and high ABV. The ABV is hardly noticeable, but the honey is very apparent- delivering a decadent, but well balanced Perennial.






Baldur the Brewmaster,

a native Icelander who has studied brewing in Germany and returned to his homeland for the opportunity to brew craft beer just miles south of the Arctic Circle.

einstokcap.1 einpalepour.1

During his time in Germany he learned German and Belgian brewing techniques, which comes through each of the three beers we had a chance to try.  The quality of the water used in brewing also added an interesting characteristic.  Water, arguably the most important ingredient, can make or break a beer.  And in the case of Einstok, water does much of the talking.

toasted closing 

Sourced from glaciers and filtered through lava fields- the water tastes so clean it almost overwhelms the beer itself- particularly the Icelandic White Ale.  Coriander and orange peel compliment the clean glacier appeal with a cut of citrus and spice.  The Icelandic Pale gives us a sweeter toffee and subdued hop approach, while the Icelandic Toasted Porter sticks to a very traditional direction – Dark Roasty malts that are noticeable, but not overwhelming, with a very light drinkable body that is approachable any time of the year.


It may not feel like it, but it is in fact spring, and summer is right around the corner.  Session beers tend to be my go to during these seasons, and I wouldn’t hesitate to drink like a modern day viking.


Bottle Bar East loves your face.

The End

din copy

This month we are rolling out our first beer dinner featuring two of our favorite breweries paired with dishes designed by our own Chef Dan Bellotti.


Each Course is not only served with, but also cooked with the featured brews.


Tickets are $60, which includes four courses and four beers. They can be purchased in house or over the phone.


First Course: 

Scallop ceviche with spring onions, blood orange and grapefruit


Second Course:

Pan seared Pork belly with string bean and tomato salad


Third Course:

Quail stuffed with duck sausage, served with shaved brussels’ sprouts 


Fourth Course:

Rhubarb and Pomegranate Panna Cotta