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Oscar Blue Brewery, originally a restaurant in Lyons CO., brewed it’s first beer (Dales Pale Ale) in their basement in ’99.  Five years later they became one of the first craft breweries to do what was then unthinkable: can their beers.

Much like the cork less wine bottle, can beers came with the stigma of unrefined, cheap ingredients, and most of all: DOMESTIC 


Since breaking the Craft-Can-Barrier canning has become common place- now almost preferred.  Canning enables the protection of of the beer from light, maintaining the high level of quality you would come to expect from a well regarded brewery.  old-chub


Deviant Dales, is citrusy, with grapefruit rind and Piney Resin, Dry hopped with Columbus Hops.

G’Knight, is a dry hopped double red IPA with a nose full of aroma, sticky mouth feel, and large hop flavors

Old Chub has lots of malts and grains, with beach wood smoked malts, large mouth of sweetness, and a boozy kick to make you smirk after the first sip.pack-it-in-pack-it-out

And don’t forget to recycle.