Barbera Lia Vì is one of the best products of Carussin farm, always committed to the enhancement of this grape variety historically acclimated among the sunny hills of Monferrato Astigiano. The constant experimentation on native varieties made by the family Ferro-Garberoglio is part of a broader project that combines mixed farming, typical for the farms of this geographic area, to the protection of the territory, through field works based on organic farming linked to the use of biodynamic preparations. Row after row, among the 22 hectares of vineyards, Barbera plays the leading role, declined in the cellar according to different styles of production and fining. Barbera Lia Vì is modulated according to a fresh and immediate style, but rich in pulp and featuring an aromatic bouquet of a great finesse, thanks to a long maceration during fermentation and frequent pumping overs. The name Lia Vì is a tribute to a migratory bird that, going south, stops in these vineyards, "embellishing" them with their nests. The scientific name of the bird is "Muscicava Parva", the name in Piedmontese is "Lia Vì". Lia Vì is a wine that gives substance to the most characteristic features of Barbera, building a strong bond with the land based on a precise correspondence between intentions and respect for the natural factors of production.

Colour: Ruby red with purple hints

Scent: Intense and complex with hints of fruit compote, currant, cherry and plum

Taste: Highly aromatic impact, with fine and persistent progression