Carton Neath The Refinery's Glow 16oz can


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No matter where a thing comes from, it becomes “Jersey” when it marries an "intrinsic awesome” with a "defining edge." Playing this hazy beer game, we’ve found that Atlantic Highlands water and Kolsch yeast make a decidedly brash Jersey Variation of the plush, modern NE IPAs we love to gulp. An inherent bitter tension is accented by our local combo. In the NJ IPA series, we take malts and hops that we know we love together and give them this Jersey treatment. For Neath The Refinery's Glow, we landed on a blend of Amarillo, Citra, and Mandarin Bavaria, creating juicy orange notes that hold on to their bits of pith and slathered over a plush malt bill. Drink Neath The Refinery's Glow, hi ho.