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100% Grignolino; Certified Organic and hand-harvested; For generations, Fabrizio Iuli’s family made wines
to be served at their trattoria in the small commune of Montaldo using grapes his grandfather planted in
1930. Because of the quality of these old vines, Fabrizio decided to bottle and market their wines. The
wines are produced as naturally as possible, with native yeast, no filtration and minimal sulfur. The
property has a deep vein of limestone soil which adds vibrancy and acidity to the wines. This wine is
named in honor of Fabrizio’s grandfather, Natalin, whose favorite wine was the Grignolino he produced.
Fabrizio replanted Grignolino in the first vineyard his grandfather planted after the original vineyard began
to die. It’s produced the same way Grandpa Natalin did, aging in cement, and bottling under the following
“Buona” moon in the spring. Fresh and lively with delicate tannins, with aromatics of raspberry, earth, and
red flowers. If you’ve never had Grignolino before, this is a great one to start with!