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A delightful bright ruby red colored chillable red with a ton of finesse! Grignolino is the grape and good luck pronouncing it!   The nose and palate scream CHERRIES and structurally it’s quite similar to Pinot Noir so you should bring on the grilled salmon.

Tenuta dei Re Description

Tenuta dei Re is a small company located in Castagnole Monferrato, where the Grignolino, Barbera and Ruchè wines are produced. The vineyards’ 10 hectares have been producing crops since 1870, which is when the French were driven out of the area by the Longobardi. The climate is cool, just right for the thin-skinned grapes typical of the region. Most of the wines are shipped in Italy and Europe, though they are now also available in the US through Bacchanal Wines.

Grignolino emerges in the history of the ancient vineyards of Piedmont, and finds its adoption in the territory between Asti and Casale Monferrato. The name derives almost certainly from "grignole" Asti dialect word to indicate the seeds are particularly numerous. It is a vine very demanding in terms of climate and terrain, difficult to grow and vinify, but gives an original and unpredictable wine. It likes sandy soil and limestone, which is a very poor soil, with southern exposure; these soils originate very limited yield per plant.

Tasting Notes: Ruby red more or less pale, with subtle amber highlights. The nose gives a delicate fragrance, with notes of wild berries, dried flowers and often accompanied by characteristic hints of white pepper. The palate is vivid and full-bodied but elegant, dry to the typical presence of tannins with a pleasantly almond.